What’s the plan for Crown Park?
Public input gathered from 2017 to 2018 helped create the Crown Park Master Plan, which was presented to Camas City Council at its Nov. 5, 2018, workshop. Today, the plan serves as a vision for the park and a framework for future funding decisions. In 2019, we’ve been seeking bids, firming up costs, and starting to schedule work. Most improvements will be subject to the 2021-2022 budget cycle that begins next year. Here’s an overview of the proposed features included in the Crown Park Master Plan:


  • Interactive water feature

  • Large destination playground

  • Permanent restrooms* included in 2020 budget

  • Outdoor amphitheater

  • Sports court

  • New ADA accessible pathways

  • Access improvements to Scout Hall

  • Flexible lawn space

  • New site furnishings

  • Upgraded irrigation system

  • Stormwater management gardens and updated plantings

Portions of these elements are already in the works:

  • Sports Court – In May 2019, an aging concrete slab that served as a basketball court was removed. In the upcoming months, we will be replacing it with a new multi-use sports court closer to Scout Hall and the play areas.* Included in the budget

  • Upgraded Irrigation System – To ensure that new grass grows and thrives around the former pool site, an irrigation system is planned for installation in late July 2019, then the area will be reseeded. The orange fencing will remain until the grass is established, around late August 2019. Irrigation upgrades in other areas of the park will be made throughout the course of the project.

For more information on Crown Park, please visit http://www.cityofcamas.us/parkshome/68-parkscat/819-parksprojects. Questions may be referred to Parks & Recreation Manager Jerry Acheson at jacheson@cityofcamas.us or 360-817-7990. For more details see


  • Grass Valley Park -Citizen Design committee provided input and advocated for more playground equipment , and added tennis and basketball courts to offer activities for all ages. A baseball field, scenic walking trails,  and picnic areas make  this park a great community space.   Interested citizens volunteered. Some wanted few features in the park, others wanted areas to play and picnic. The park is a compilation of input from those who joined the discussion.

  • Prune Hill Elementary planning meetings.  open school design that allows community groups to have separate access to the cafeteria and gym areas. Schools rent gyms and space to community groups, making the most of a community resource, as all pay for schools. In 2018, about 66% of property taxes went to schools. The school playground is next to city park fields, and is used as a park when school it not in session.

  • An improvement for all city parks would be to offer recycle bins. Currently many bottles and cans are disposed of in park garbage bins. Camas had banners around town encouraging residents to recycle, so hopefully this change can apply soon.

  • for a complete listing of parks see the city website.

Grass Valley Park

Our Citizen Committee advocated for better playground equipment with more options for more fun for kids.