Camas City administrator explains city professional services vendor selection in video above

Monday Oct. 22 Mayoral debate  Video Link Here see 1:36:00

Question from public: Why do we not have an open bid for significant contracts for professional services, construction, etc?

below is a summary of what was said re professional services.


Former Mayor Turk: Professional services, Architects, engineers, things like that. We are required, it is state law that we go out Request for Qualifications. We don’t ask how much it’s going to cost, we simply try to get the most qualified person to do the job that we’re asking them to do.    And then, they tell us how much it is going to cost.


Moderator, Is that typical?


Former Mayor Turk: That is state law. Every municipality follows that.


State law


Chapter 39.80 RCW



39.80.010Legislative declaration.


The legislature hereby establishes a state policy, to the extent provided in this chapter, that governmental agencies publicly announce requirements for architectural and engineering services, and negotiate contracts for architectural and engineering services on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualification for the type of professional services required and at fair and reasonable prices.




39.80.030Agency's requirement for professional services—Advance publication.

39.80.040Procurement of architectural and engineering services—Submission of statement of qualifications and performance data—Participation by minority and women-owned firms and veteran-owned firms.

39.80.050Procurement of architectural and engineering services—Contract negotiations.

39.80.060Procurement of architectural and engineering services—Exception for emergency work.


Title 39 RCW


The Port of Camas Washougal had a finding of material weakness on the 2017 State Audit report related to competitive proposals for professional service contracts.  The Port has taken corrective action.