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About Margaret

I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Oregon, then worked in the private sector for 7 years.  I met my husband in Seattle and have been married for 22 years.

We've lived in Camas since 1997.  From time to time, the website may be updated with topics of interest for Camas residents. The EMS Excess Tax hike is the most recent topic.


Core Values:     
  • Transparent and accountable government by and for the people
  • City Ethics Policy should apply to mayor & council
  • Prioritize spending of resources on necessities
  • A countywide vote BEFORE extending light rail into Clark County

  • Transportation choices that make the most of what we have, and build for our future

    Creating an environment that allows small business to thrive alongside large companies.
  • Protecting our parks, trails, lakes and fields

  • New public facilities such as a community center or stadium warrant a public vote

  • New taxing districts such as a Metropolitan Parks Taxing District warrant a public vote

  • Preservation of historical downtown Camas
  • Elected judges and boards are more accountable

  • Continued partnership with schools, higher education, and neighboring cities and ports
  • Maintain our  high level of public safety